May 4, 2004 - Happy Spring!

Although the high winds have made us think winter is still lingering, the trees are budding out, the daffodils and tulips are in bloom, and I've already cut the grass once! I'm afraid we may have a repeat of last year when it was cold until it got VERY HOT...nothing in between!


Last month I finished the quilting on two wallhangings and am closing in on finishing two more. I have been hand piecing more than ever and enjoying it immensely--it's so portable and the finished quilt tops are so much softer to the touch. I haven't given up machine piecing...but my Featherweight can't go everywhere!


Earlene Fowler's new book, Broken Dishes, is out--and it is great. If you haven't read any of the Benni Harper mystery series, treat yourself today. Broken Dishes is the eleventh in the series; each book can stand on its own, but the characters are so believable and compelling that you'll want to read all of them. For more information, check out Earlene's website at


That's it for applique is calling my name!