I am a quilter, teacher and author with more than 500 quilts completed since 1988.

I LOVE hand quilting, and I have developed a unique method that is user friendly and does not require poking your underneath finger or using a hoop!


I am located in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. More information can be found under the Workshops/Lectures heading, then click on Workshop Fees.



Throughout the site you will find information about my workshops and lectures, judging philosophy, appearance on Simply Quilts, and lots more.


To get you started, here's a bit of information about me:


In style, I am right on the fence: Sometimes I fall off on the traditional side and sometimes I fall off on the more innovative side. My new neutral is lime green!


I've always loved hand quilting and, because I taught myself, I devised a way to hand quilt without poking my underneath finger and without a hoop or frame. It's a little unorthodox, but I am able to achieve small, even stitches without stress to my wrists and hands...and it is NOT stab stitch. In the past 27 years I have hand quilted and finished over 500 quilts ranging in size from very small to king-size.




My philosophy is that quilting should be fun or we should stop doing it. 


I believe students learn more when they are having fun. As the self-proclaimed "Hawkeye Pierce of Quilting", I keep people laughing and learning at the same time.


Please visit my blog at www.sharonstroud.blogspot.com.




Please note that I have decided to teach almost all of my workshops as full day to allow more time to work with each student and so that students go home with more of their projects finished.  Please click on the Workshops/Lectures tab above for more details.  (This does not pertain to classes I teach at quilt shops.)  11/2016 


The Events page has been updated for September to December 2017.