March 28, 2005

The geese are flying north, the song birds are back, and the deer are eating all the new growth in sight--it must be spring! It seems like winter has been very long this year--although, for us, the major snows did not start until January. Mud is the word of the day--and will be for many days to come!


I have been designing several new projects and will be adding at least three new workshops to my list in a couple weeks. I am very excited about them and hope that others will be as well.


Earlene Fowler now has one of the Benni Harper Mystery Series books, Sunshine and Shadow, on audio! It is through Recorded Books, and more information is available on her site, And her newest in the series, Delectable Mountains, will be out around May 3.


Have you read any of David Baldacci's books? They are gripping from start to finish! I just finished The Hour Game and am now doing Absolute Power. I do most of my reading from right to left--on audio cassettes! LOL There are some fabulous readers who make every character come alive. If you haven't done the Harry Potter books on audio (read by Jim Dales), you don't know what you are missing! I have never "read" the actual books, only listened to them on audio--it's such a treat. Audio books are great because you can quilt while listening, and you can take them in the car or anywhere you go. Unlike TV, which really is a visual medium, you really can just listen and get lots more accomplished--it's multitasking at its best!


I am including a couple deer pictures--they were only about 20 feet from my front door! And a picture of Tatty after she "helped" me by tipping over the paper bag filled with shredded paper--it tired her immensely!


I hope to see at least some of you this summer in my travels. And if you've been a student before or have completed a project from my book, please don't hesitate to send a picture of your project--I'm always delighted to get them! I carry pictures of students' work with me when I travel and have started a student section on my Gallery link.


Happy spring, and happy quilting!